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ECSA e-Newsletters

ECSA electronic newsletter is e-mailed to members three times yearly, March/April; July/August and November/December to spread information on events, courses, fellowships/job positions, etc. Past newsletters are available for download here.

If any members have not received the e-news, then he/she should make sure that we have the correct e-mail address by contacting our Membership Secretary.

Members are warmly invited to contribute. Please submit your information/news by sending an email to the e-news Editor. The subject of the e-mail will be used as title of the announcement in the e-news; hence members are invited to keep it short and explicative. No attachments are allowed.

Deadlines for information are:

10th March, for publication in the March/April Issue

10th July, for publication in the July/August issue

10th November, for publication in the November/December issue